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What is HD voice?

HD Voice is a new Vodafone innovation delivering higher audio call quality on the Vodafone 3G network, giving you crystal clear connections by enhancing voice quality and minimising background noise so it's easier to hear and be heard. It's also free for all Vodafone customers! Vodafone is the first mobile network in Ireland to introduce this enhanced service.

The benefits of HD Voice

  • Improved call clarity means recited numbers and letters are easier to hear
  • Experience is more natural and closer to face to face interaction
  • Easier to identify individual voices on shared conference calls
  • Easier to make and receive calls in noisy environments as background noise is reduced

How do I experience HD Voice?

To experience the benefits of a HD Voice phone call, both callers must be Vodafone customers (either bill pay or pay as you go) on the Vodafone 3G network and have HD Voice enabled smartphones.

HD Voice is available on selected phones:

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