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How to help improve the environmental impact..

There a lot of things you can do to make using a mobile phone more sustainable. Here are some suggestions:

When you’re ready to buy a new mobile phone:

  • Use our Eco Rating to compare the environmental and ethical performance of many
    of the phones that we sell.
  • Extend the life of your current mobile phone by giving it to someone else to use. We
    offer some great SIM only plans to get you started.
  • We’ve made our SIM card packaging smaller, saving tonnes of paper and
    tonnes of plastic compared to our old packaging.
  • When your old mobile is no longer useful, drop it in a store charity bin in any of our
    Vodafone stores. It will be recycled so it doesn’t end up in landfill.
    We also take batteries, chargers and accessories.
  • Paperless billing is the default billing method at Vodafone, so you’ll be reducing the
    amount of paper needed for printing.

When you’re using your mobile phone:

  • A lot of smartphones have energy saving features built-in that can be customised.
    This means you won’t have to charge you mobile so often, so you can save energy
    and reduce your carbon emissions.
  • When your mobile is finished charging, unplug it. Chargers continue to use a small
    amount of energy when the plug is turned on, and it all adds up!
  • There are some fantastic apps that can help you to reduce your environmental impact
    and select ethically produced products.
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