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I heard Fibre broadband is fast but will it be reliable?

Not only will our Fibre Broadband will be very reliable but it means that multiple users can be connected at the same time so your whole family will have a great experience whether using laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Vodafone Fibre Broadband provides speeds in excess of those offered by traditional broadband technologies. This means that not only will you be able to browse and download files quicker, but all other Internet users in the household will experience faster Internet response times.

Whether they are using tablets, smartphones or laptops, your entire household will be able to use the Internet simultaneously and benefit from super fast Fibre Broadband speeds.

How Fibre Broadband works...

A modern network of fibre optic glass cabling runs from your local telephone exchange, sending data at the speed of light. Unlike standard broadband your speed isn't affected by how long the cabling is. Standard broadband sends electrical signals over copper telephone wires. The longer the copper cable is, the slower the speed.

The fibre optic cables run from your local telephone exchange to the green cabinets you'll have seen on/near your street. Your nearest green cabinet should be a lot closer to you than the exchange.

A short copper cable then runs from your nearest green cabinet into your home. The distance the signal travels along is really short - meaning much faster and more reliable broadband speed.

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