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I have a Vodafone Protect app, how can I delete it?

You should log in to http://protect.vodafone.ie and delete your account. After you have deleted your account you can uninstall the app on their mobile device and the service will not work until you sign up again. If you have a premium subscription and only uninstall the client from your device, the subscription will still be charged to the customer on a monthly basis. To stop this, you or customer care agent will still need to delete your account or downgrade your subscription from premium back to free.

You can contact Vodafone customer care and have an agent delete your Protect account or downgrade from premium back to the free offering (Find, Lock & Wipe) however the device will no longer be locked. If the account is deleted while the device is locked, and you cannot remember the PIN, we will not be able to unlock the device.

If you delete the app directly on your phone and have upgraded to the premium service will still need to downgrade by using the appropriate channels as described above, otherwise they will continue to be charged the monthly fee.

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