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My call diverts aren't working

If your call diverts aren't working, here are a few things you can check:

  • Make sure you're trying to divert to a valid number. To divert to your voicemail, use your mobile number with a 5 between the third and fourth digits. For example, if your mobile number was 0871234567, then your mailbox number would be 08751234567
  • If you're diverting to your voicemail, dial 171 and make sure your mailbox isn't full (press 7 while listening to a message to delete).
  • If you were using codes to change your diverts, make sure you typed in the code correctly.
  • If you're Pay as you go you must have at least 15c credit.

You can check and change your diverts anytime in the My Mobile section of My Vodafone

For more information on using your phone check your device guide packed with everything you need.

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