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How do I divert (or forward) my calls to a different number?

What are call diverts?

Call Divert allows you to redirect your calls to your voicemail or any number in the Republic of Ireland. (You can't divert to international numbers.)

How much do diverts cost?

Diverting to your voicemail is free. Find out what your chargers are on a pay as you go plan or bill pay plan.

How do I set up call diverts?

Online - The easiest way to set up your diverts is in the My Mobile section of My Vodafone.
On your mobile - You can also use codes on your mobile to set up diverts. If you want to divert to your voicemail, use your mailbox number. Your mailbox number is your mobile phone prefix followed by the number 5, then the rest of your mobile number. For example, if your mobile number is 0872254661,then your mailbox number is 08752254661.

To set up call diverts to your voicemail check out our online device guides.

Codes for activating diverts:

  • Phone switched off/out of coverage (not reachable)**62*(number to divert to)#
  • Phone busy (busy/no connect)**67*(number to divert to)#
  • Phone not answered (no reply)**61*(number to divert to)#
  • At all times (unconditional)**21*(number to divert to)#

Codes for deactivating diverts:

  • All calls ##21#
  • Not answered ##61#
  • Mobile turned off ##62#
  • Mobile is busy ##67#

You can also have these codes sent to your mobile by texting the word 'divert' to 51745.

Changing your ring time before a call diverts

You can change your ringing time on your phone from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds (20 seconds in the default).
On your mobile:

1. Type **61*(number to divert to)**(ringing duration in seconds)#
2. Press Call or Send.

For example, if you wanted to divert to 0871234567 after 30 seconds (the maximum time) you would key in **61*0871234567**30#.
To divert to your Voicemail for free you would divert to your mobile number with a 5 between the third and fourth digits. For example, **61*08751234567**30#.

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