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Why did I receive a text message with a verification pin?

Why have I received a 'Verification Pin'?

Should I be concerned?

Did you receive a text message telling you about a "verification code"  and that you should "continue the Forgotten Password process on our website", but you never started the Forgotten Password process for My Vodafone? If so, there's no need for concern.

What is this message?

This text message is part of the process for people to sign in to My Vodafone when they can't remember what their password is. We text them out a verification code, which they need to enter on the website, and then they change their password and have access to My Vodafone.

Can I delete this message?

If you didn't start this Forgot your Password process, but received the text message, then most likely someone accidentally typed in your phone number instead of their own. Regardless, as long as you have your phone, there's no risk of someone being able to sign in to your My Vodafone account, because they would need that verification code to do so. So go ahead and just delete the text message. That verification code will soon expire. And your My Vodafone password will remain unchanged.

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