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I can’t send email since moving to Vodafone broadband

Having trouble sending email?

If you use desktop email - like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird – you might find you can’t send mail after switching to Vodafone broadband (either home or mobile broadband).
Don’t worry! A simple change of settings will sort things out.

Can you browse the web and receive mail, but can’t send mail?

You need to change your email outgoing mail (SMTP) server to mail.vodafone.ie
Download a PDF to see how to change your server settings:

Using a different Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

You’ll need to contact your ISP to find out the correct outgoing SMTP mail server to use.
Also, every time time you connect to the Internet in a different location you may be changing ISP, so will need to change your SMTP server setting.

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