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How do I connect my stick modem to my Vodafone broadband modem?

Plug your stick modem in for instant WiFi

You can turn your Vodafone HG556a broadband modem into an instant WiFi hotspot by just plugging in your Vodafone mobile broadband stick modem.

Here’s how:

  1. Remove the small lid on the back of your home broadband modem, and insert the mobile broadband modem into the USB slot. Before closing the lid, see if there is a wireless password key on the rear panel, and write it down.
  2. Plug in your home broadband modem. The red WiFi and 3G mobile internet access lights should be on.
  3. To get your computer, smartphone or other WiFi device online, make sure you have WiFi enabled on the device first
  4. From the device’s network settings, scan for available WiFi networks.
  5. You’ll see your broadband modem listed in the list of networks – it should appear as “Vodafone” followed by a number key.
  6. If you are asked for a wireless password, enter the password you wrote down (on the label on the back panel of the modem).

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