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How do I share a USB disk with my Vodafone modem?

Storing files on your modem

Our broadband modems let you store files through any of the USB ports on the modem.
If you have a USB memory stick or portable hard drive, you can just connect them directly to the modem.
If you have a MicroSD or other memory card, just insert them into a card reader, and insert the card reader’s USB connection into the modem.

What can I do with the files?

When your storage devices are connected to the modem, you can read, copy, edit and delete files from your PC.
Exceptions: If your devices are formatted with the NTFS file system, you’ll only be able to view or read files – not edit, copy or delete them.

How do I access them?

If you have a Windows PC, there are three ways you can access your files:

  • Mapping files to a network drive
  • Accessing files via Samba
  • Accessing files via FTP

Download PDFs with instructions for all of these methods.
You can also watch video tutorials on:

Accessing your files from a mac

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to use the Connect to Server function to map a network drive for access to your files.

But you can still use an FTP client to access the files – here’s how (PDF).

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