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How to top up Mobile WiFi and purchase bundle

Topping Up Mobile WiFi and Purchasing Bundle.


1. In order for you to browse the internet, you need to connect your device to the mobile Wi-Fi device. You can do this through the Wi-Fi/network settings on your device. The Password to connect to the internet is found on the device, inside the back cover.


2. Once the Wi-Fi device is connected to your device go to http://vodafonemobile.wifi. This link will then bring you to the Vodafone dashboard which allows you login to the configuration screen.


3. Login to the configuration screen using the default password “admin”.


4. Once you have logged in select the option “Account”.


5. This now allows you to view your current balance, top up, account details etc.


6. The Top Up option will allow you to use a voucher or go online to top up as well as buy the desired add on.


7. Once the data bundle is purchased you will have the ability to surf the web. N.B. If you do not purchase the data bundle you will be charged at a rate of 19c per megabyte.


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