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Set up a wireless connection using a Vodafone Huawei HG556a modem

This article contains wireless setup instructions for a Vodafone Huawei HG556a modem. If you are using a different modem, check the 'Related questions' at the bottom of this page to find a guide for your make and model.

Choose your computer's operating system from one of the below for detailed and simple to follow instructions to set up a wireless connection with your Vodafone modem. The guides are avialable in PDF format so you can download and save for offline viewing.

For Windows (PC):

For Mac:

You can either watch a video tutorial for Mac OS, or download a written guide:

If you are unsure what version of the Mac operating system your computer is using, click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen. From the drop down menu select 'About this Mac'. The popup window will show the version of OS X installed on your machine.

For iOS:

If you have an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) then click on the link below for Wi-Fi setup instructions.

For Android:

And finally if you have an Android device and a Vodafone HG556a modem then you can get a Wi-Fi guide using the link below.

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