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What triggers the daily fee when I am using RED Roaming?

What triggers the RED Roaming daily charge?

The daily fee will be applied on the first roaming usage of the day. Applicable usages are: making or receiving a call, (receiving a voice call in the UK will not trigger the daily charge) sending a text or using data.

Please remember that some applications on your smartphone can use data in the background without your knowledge, so recommend setting your email and apps not to sync or use data while roaming before you travel if you are unsure.

The following calls abroad will not trigger the daily access charge.

  • Receiving calls while roaming in the UK.
  • Calls to Emergency Numbers - 999/112
  • Calls to Freephone roaming number - +353 1 203 8232 (when made from your Vodafone Ireland mobile)
  • Receiving texts while roaming in applicable countries.
  • Calls to 171 or diverted calls to voicemail.

Visit our RED Roaming page.

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