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What is the Direct Debit change that Vodafone is making?

What is the Direct Debit change that Vodafone is making?

What is the change?

Vodafone is changing its Direct Debit payment terms from 21 days to 14 days beginning in March 2015. Bill day 7 will be impacted in March; Bill day 21 and 28 will be impacted in April 2015. Vodafone is moving to 14 day direct debit payment terms, which is standard industry practise and we are aligning our fixed and mobile payment processes.

What does this mean for me and who will be impacted?

This simply means that your Direct Debit payment will be taken 1 week earlier than normal. This change will impact on all mobile customers that are currently on 21 day collection date. Bill day 7 will change in March & bill day 21 & 28 will change to 14 days in April 2015

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

You do not need to make any changes to their account in preparation for this change. You simply need to ensure that they have the correct amount of money in your bank to allow the direct debit to go through.

Does this change the terms of my contract?

There is no change to your contract. This change has to do with the amount of notice we give under the banks’ direct debit rules before we collect payment for your bill. The rules allow a different notice period to be given each time a direct debit is collected, provided that it is not less than 14 days. The direct debit payment collection date is stated on every bill. If you wish to cancel your contract, standard cancellation terms will apply.

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