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What happens when I move to Bill pay?

What happens when I move to Bill pay?

What happens my credit?

If you move from Pay as you go to Vodafone RED, your remaining credit will be applied to your Bill Pay account as a credit to your first bill so you don't have to worry about losing it.

What happens my Cherry Points?

Before switching to bill pay

Before you switch to bill pay you should swap your Cherry Points for one of the free rewards in the online store.

You can swap these for phones, accessories, tickets and fun stuff, top ups or text, call and data add ons.

After switching to bill pay

After you switch to bill pay you can still redeem your Cherry Points. You have up until the 28th February two calendar years after you earned your points to redeem them or they will expire. For example, if you earned Cherry Points in September 2012, you have up until February 2015 to use them. After this date they will expire.

However these can only be used for phones, accessories and tickets and fun stuff. You can also donate your to your Cherry Points to one of the World of Difference charities.

Earning Cherry Points

As Cherry Points are specific to Pay as you go customers, once you switch to bill pay you will not continue to earn any new points. However all of the other benefits (huge range of smartphones, endless calls and texts, data that goes on and on) of Bill pay make the switch worthwhile.

Find out more about switching from pay as you go to bill pay here.

What happens my existing number?

You can keep your existing number when moving to Vodafone Bill pay, regardless if you are currently with another operator or an existing Vodafone customer. If you wish, you do not have to keep your existing number and can get a new one. To find out more about switching to Vodafone from another network click here.

What happens My Vodafone?

You will still be able to access My Vodafone after you move to Bill pay. Once your switch has completed you will just need to login again to see the Bill pay version of My Vodafone.

When you login to My Vodafone as a Bill pay customer you will see the following new functionality:

  • My usage & bills - this section shows your current usage and recent bills
  • My price plan & addons - this section shows your current plan and any addons you have on your account 

If you have any problems accessing My Vodafone after you switch to Bill pay please contact us on 1907 or click here to chat with one of our online agents.

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