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How much does Backup+ cost?

What is Backup+ and how do I get it?

How much does Backup+ cost?

The Backup+ app is free to download.

You may be eligible for free storage for a promotional period depending on the tariff you are on. Please check the table below for information on promotional offers and pricing.

  • Red Essentials, Red, Red Super - 25GB Dropbox storage free for 3 month, €1.99 per month thereafter
  • Pay As You Go - 25GB Dropbox storage for €1.99 per month
  • Red Extra* - 25GB Dropbox storage for 36 months

*Red Extra includes: RED Extra Essentials, RED Extra, RED Extra Super, RED Extra One

What happens to the 25GB free promotional offer after the 12 month free period finishes?

Customers will be able to use their 25GB free storage for 12 months from the date they got it (i.e. if they availed of the offer in August 2015 it will expire in August 2016). After the 12 months they will no longer be able to upload anymore content into Backup+ (even if they have not used all 25GB of space) however Dropbox will not delete their content and they will still be able to download it if they need it.

When the 12 month promotional period ends customers who were on this offer can sign up to one of the new offers and they can avail of the offer applicable to the tariff they are on e.g. If a customer has signed up to the 12 month free promo offer and they can sign up to the RED Extra offer when the 12 month promo period expires. However they must sign up to the offer again, they do not automatically roll over to the new offer. Their content will remain stored in Dropbox and will not be deleted.

What happens if I leave Vodafone? Can I continue to use Backup+?

If you leave Vodafone during the 12 month promotional period you will no longer be able to back up your data through the Backup+ app. However you can continue to use the 25GB free Dropbox storage (using the Dropbox app) until the end of the 12 month free period.

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