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Backing up your data

Backing up your data

Where is my data stored?

Your photos, videos, music and other files are stored by Dropbox. Your contacts are stored with our existing contacts provider.

How much does it cost to back up content?

If you have a data allowance included in your plan (e.g. 2GB) the cost of transferring data will be consumed from that bundle, otherwise standard network rates will apply. If you are using Backup+ for the first time and have a lot of content stored on your smartphone we recommend that you do your first back up over wifi to avoid high data or out of bundle charges.

How often does Vodafone Backup+ automatically back up?

?Backup+ will try to upload your content as soon as it is created, although this is subject to your network preferences. The time taken to complete the upload depends on your internet connection and the size of the files you're uploading. If you are using an iOS device and you have a large set of files it can take a la bit longer due to restrictions on iOS. Please read our tips on using Backup+ for iOS.

What happens when I delete backed up content from Dropbox?

When you delete a folder in Dropbox we will automatically switch the back up for this album to off. When deleting only a file, we will just make sure that that file is not being backed up anymore.

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