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What is Secure Net and how much does it cost?

What is Secure Net and how much does it cost?

What is Secure Net?

Vodafone Secure Net helps protect your mobile device against threats from viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites when you’re using the Vodafone mobile network. Secure Net also allows you to link another mobile number under your settings page, eg: your child’s mobile which you may apply parental controls too if relevant.

Secure Net is simple to use and helps keep your mobile device safe and operational. Please note, Secure Net doesn't work when you’re non-Vodafone connections such as WiFi.

What does Secure Net do?

Secure Net helps keep your mobile device safe from viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites when you're using the Vodafone network.

With Secure Net activated, if you try to download a harmful or unsafe file Vodafone will block the download and alert you via SMS. If you try to access an unsafe website, we’ll direct you to a warning page where you can choose to continue to the website or navigate elsewhere.

If you link another mobile number to yours, you can set parental controls for that number as child safe browsing, quiet time and app notification.

How much does Secure Net cost?

Secure Net is free of charge for the first 3 months then €0.99 per month thereafter.

For customers on RED, RED Extra, RED Super and RED Super Extra Secure Net is free for the first 12 months. Customers may opt out of the service without penalty any time they like.

You may only avail of the free trial period once so if you opt out of Secure Net after the free trial period ends and then opt back in again you will be charged €0.99 per month straight away.

If you pay for Secure Net, you’ll be clearly informed when you sign up either by SMS or on the web. Also your family members may have to pay for the service if they wish to be protected.

How do I get Secure Net?

Secure Net is only available to Vodafone customers. You can opt in by texting SECURENET to 50193. Or you can log on to http://securenet.vodafone.ie and follow the activation instructions.

We’ll check your tariff and inform you of the cost, and when it’s ready to activate. Once we’ve activated your Secure Net, we’ll let you know straight away via SMS.

When you receive the SMS notification that Secure Net is available on your account you will need to re-start your handset to activate the security protection.

Can I use Secure Net if I’m not a Vodafone customer?

Secure Net is only available for Vodafone customers. Please check www.vodafone.ie/securenet for more information on pricing.

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