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How do I use Secure Net?

How do I use Secure Net?

Do I have to install Secure Net or change my mobile device settings to use it?

No, Secure Net is a network-based security service, so there’s no need to install anything or change your device settings. You can start using Secure Net in a few simple steps and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s activated.

Does Secure Net work with all mobile devices and operating systems?

Yes. Secure Net is available online with no need to install any software, so you can access and use it on all device types and operating systems, protection is effective as long as you’re connected over the Vodafone network.

Does Secure Net work over WiFi?

No, Secure Net only works using the Vodafone mobile network. If you use your mobile device over other networks or WiFi, even with Secure Net activated, you won’t be protected. You can still change the settings from everywhere even over wifi, but the protection applies to a connection on the Vodafone mobile network only

How will Secure Net notify me of security threats?

With Secure Net activated, if you try to download a harmful or unsafe file we’ll block the download and alert you via SMS. If you try to access an unsafe website, we’ll direct you to a warning page where you can choose to continue to the website or navigate elsewhere.

Does Secure Net work when I’m roaming?

If you roam using a non-Vodafonenetwork or WiFi, Secure Net won’t work.

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