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Family Features of Secure Net

Family Features of Secure Net

How can I link another number to enable parental control features?

You can link another number by following a few simple steps through ‘Add a device’ button on your settings page. Once you fill the details for the number you’d like to link to yours, you will receive an SMS which you must forward to the device you wish to add to your Secure net. The owner of this device must accept Terms & Conditions and acknowledge they understand their security settings will be controlled by you. After this person accepts the Terms & Conditionss, you’ll be notified and can start setting up the security and parental control settings for that number.

What features are available to apply to other numbers in my account? What are the benefits?

If you add your family members’ number under your Secure Net settings page, you will be able to control the security features for that number from one single place. Harmful website and anti-virus protection features, as well as additional parental control features, will be available for this number. Parental control features include as follows:

  • Child safe browsing: You can block certain categories of websites for your child (eg: adult, violence etc.). This feature will prevent the access content that may damage your child’s psychology and health considering their age
  • Quiet time: You can restrict mobile internet access of your child a) during scheduled times (eg: school time, every week day from 08:00-16:00) or b) start a timer and restrict access for a specific time (eg: 1 hour during dinner). This feature enables you to spend quality time with your child without getting distracted of the technology
  • App notification: You’ll be notified of any new apps that your child has downloaded. This feature will make you aware of the apps your child uses
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