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Feature of Child Safe Browsing

Features of Child Safe Browsing

What is child safe browsing?

Child safe browsing is a feature enabling you to block access to certain categories of websites for your child. Please see question 22 for more details of the categories.

What categories are available for child safe browsing?

There are 12 categories you can choose from: Adult (over 18), Violence, Racism, Sex Education, Malicious sites/identity theft, Chat, Social Network and Communications, Games, Dating, Classifieds, Shopping, Webmail. Please note that blocking a category will also affect any apps related to that category. For example, blocking ‘Social Network and Communications’ will make Facebook website not accessible anymore and prevent Facebook (if downloaded) from working correctly.

What does child profile mean for child safe browsing?

To make it easier for you, we’ve set up different profiles to assign to your child that you can choose from including ‘school-aged’, ‘pre-teen’, ‘teenage’ and ‘custom’ and ‘none’. Each profile has pre-set categories assigned to them for blocking and once you select one of them, these categories will be shown to you to be automatically blocked. However, you can add or delete more categories from the pre-set list if you wish to and this will be saved as ‘custom’.

Will the number that I’ve added as child or spouse be able to disable any protection features that I’ve set up for them?

You can add a number in two different types of roles in your Secure Net

  1. Child role: If you add a number as ‘child’, this person will have no control over their settings and you can control all their security features. A child can only view their settings on the Secure Net portal.
  2. Spouse/Shared: If you add a number as ‘spouse/shared’, you can control this person’s settings in your settings page. However, they will have the full control over their settings page, as well and they can change the rules you’ve set for them.

How will I get notifications for my child/spouse?

If you have already turned on the related protection features, you’ll be notified by us through an SMS in case of your child/spouse downloading a new app. For other incidents, you can go to the reporting page of this person and view the events like blocked content visit, file download with viruses and visiting an unsafe website.

Will my child/spouse get any notifications?

Your child/spouse will be notified if they attempt to download an unsafe file by an SMS. They will be redirected to a warning page if they wish to visit a blocked content or URL, as well as visiting a harmful website (anti-phishing). As we’re transparent in our service, your child/spouse will be notified by an SMS in the first event before they download an app that the administrator will be notified. They can also view their security events on their Secure Net settings page.

How can I control my childs settings?

You can easily go to your child’s account that you’ve already added in your settings page. Once you open the settings for your child, you can adjust their settings as you wish.

How can I unlink my child’s/spouse’s account?

You can deactivate your child’s or spouse’s Secure Net at any time by contacting`Vodafone Customer Services or visiting your nearest Vodafone store.

As soon as you unlink Secure Net from your child’s or spouse’s mobile device, all parental restrictions will be automatically removed. However, their device will be still secure from viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites as long as they have Secure Net active.

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