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Why is my Xbox game not working on Xbox Live?

Please note it is not the responsibility of Vodafone to ensure specific games work through Xbox Live, that responsibility will lie with the Distributor of that game.

Vodafone is responsible for ensuring you can connect to Xbox Live, specifically regarding port forwarding, on the Huawei HG556a router.  For information on this please see the Guide for forwarding ports required for Xbox Live on Huawei HG556a modem article.

If you require support for another router, please visit portforward.com

What you will require is the model number of your router, which is normally found on the underside of the router
Once you have the model number, search the main portforward site for the manufacturer of your router and then the specific model which will be under the manufacturer name

For additional information regarding connecting to Xbox Live, please visit the Xbox Support site.

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