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My bill explained video & FAQs

The following video explains your bill. There are several FAQs below the video that 1) explain your bill and 2) provide instructions on how to manage your bill via your online My Vodafone account.



Can you explain the charges on my bill?

Service charges - cover the monthly fees for your price plans and any Add Ons you buy. Service charges also cover other items such as mobiles you have bought or Vodafone Stay Mobile Insurance.

Usage charges - are the totals of all your calls, messages and data outside of your inclusive minutes and Add Ons.

Inclusive minutes - are the minutes that are included in your monthly price plan.

Change your Price plan & add ons when you sign into My Vodafone.


Why are there different dates for my service and usage charges?

We charge for your price plan in advance, but we can't do this for your calls, messages and data. So your service charges are for the month coming up and your usage charges are for the month just gone.


I don't recognise these numbers?

If you have used a Vodafone service it may appear as a number that you don't know. For example:

  1. 087 2292222 - Vodafone's mobile internet number
  2. 00353 87 699989 or 00353 87 699959 - these are the numbers for Vodafone's message centre. They appear when you send texts while abroad
  3. 51745 - this is Vodafone's Information Services number. You may see this number on your bill if you're subscribed to Vodafone Text Alerts.


How much are call charges on Vodafone bill pay price plans?

The best way to check your price plan and find out how much you’re being charged is to register your account on My Vodafone.

My Vodafone allows you to view details of your bills and to check or change your current price plan. Login to My Vodafone to check your price plan and call rates now. Alternatively, you can find out more about current plans or Vodafone legacy plans in the shop section of our site.


Why is my first bill greater than my stated monthly charge?

The reason for this is that the first bill includes charges from when you joined, along with charges for one month in advance. All bills thereafter are charged for one month in advance and they should match up to the price you're expecting.


Why is my mobile bill higher than normal?

There are a few reasons why your bill may be higher than you expect:

  • A promotional offer may have ended
  • You may have ordered a new phone or accessories in the past month
  • Calls made abroad are often charged at a higher rate and may not be seen until your next bill
  • Increased usage may have meant you exceeded your allowance and received charges
  • You may have changed your price plan part way through the month. Manage your price plan & add ons


What period does my bill cover?

The dates of your charges will be clearly shown on your paper or e-bill. Line rental is usually paid in advance for the next month; whereas call charges are from the previous month. There may be times where calls go back further than a month but have only just reached your account. This is usually for calls made while you were abroad.


When does my monthly allowances refresh?

You can start using your new monthly allowance from the first day of your bill cycle - this is either the 7th, 14th, 21st or last day of the month, depending on when you joined Vodafone.


I’ve changed my monthly add ons - when will they activate?

Any changes you make to your plan or add ons come into effect from the start of your new bill cycle.

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