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Roaming, Data & Out Of Bundle Bill Charges

How are roaming charges applied to my bill?

It depends. When you use your phone abroad your usage won't appear immediately on your account. In order for us to bill for roaming directly after you return home, we rely on foreign operators to send us details of calls made or data used on their network. This means that your roaming charges might not appear until a later bill. To avoid any shocking bills we recommend planning ahead - check out your roaming costs before you leave.


How much does it cost to use data on my phone?

When you sign up to one of our Vodafone Red Connect plans, a data allowance is automatically included so you can enjoy surfing the internet and using you favourite apps worry free while at home and in the EU. If you go over your allocated data allowance you will be charged out of plan charges. Find out more about data usage.


I have data charges on my phone bill at strange times?

Sometimes apps can run in the background on your phone to check for updates at certain intervals. e.g. facebook, twitter, email etc. Also, some apps constantly run in the background and reset around midnight. All this data usage will appear on your bill as one connection with a time stamp of around midnight.


What charges are not included in my monthly allowance?

To help you keep on top of your monthly charges please note these services are not included in your allowance. International calls and texts will only be included in your monthly allowance if your plan covers them or you have purchased an add on.

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