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How and when can I receive my bill

Can I check my bill online?

Yes. You can view your bill via My Vodafone. When your latest bill is available online, we will send you a notification text and email. Please ensure you have a valid email address recorded in your personal details on My Vodafone. You can check your email address here.


Can I receive my bill by email?

Yes. We can send your bill to you by email in a password-protected file. Simply log into My Vodafone and select this option via the ‘choose how you receive your bill’ link.


When will the email with the PDF copy of my bill arrive?

You should receive your bill towards the end of the first week following your bill day. For example, if your bill day is Day 14 you should receive your bill before Day 21.


If I sign up to Email my bill will I still receive a paper bill?

Paper bills will no longer be posted.


Can I get a paper bill?

Yes. However, paperless billing is the preferred option. With paperless billing you have access to all of the same information that you receive in a paper bill as well as additional benefits:

  • Detailed analysis
  • Call details
  • Less paper waste
  • Account control
  • Names on bills not just numbers

Please note e-Bills are also valid for tax and accounts.

If you still wish to opt out of paperless billing, simply log into My Vodafone and select the option ‘Receive your bill by post’.


Can I download a copy of my bill in PDF Format?

Yes, whether or not you are registered for email my bill, you can download a copy of your bill in PDF format, from within the Analyse my Bills screens. Select the Bills tab and then click on the bill that you wish to view. Click the Download button to download a PDF copy of your bill.


Can I view or analyse bills that are more than 12 months old?

No, bills are only available for analysis or download for the previous 12 months.


I’ve mistakenly deleted the validation email with the link it in. What should I do now?

Check your deleted items folder to see if the email is still there. If so, click on the link within it. Otherwise, you will need to cancel the email my bill service and re-register so that a new link is sent to you.


How does emailing bill work with Red All In?

Each individual member of a Red All In Group is be able to sign up to receive their bills by email and can view analysis on their spend and usage under Analyse my Bill.

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