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What is SMiShing?

'SMiShing' is a technique used by criminals to try to steal information about a person's identity by sending them a text with a link to a website.

How does it work?

Usually, a SMiShing scam begins with a text which looks like it's from a genuine business – a bank, for example asking you to take immediate action to click on a link. The content of the message can say you’ve won a competition, or you need to update your account details. These details can then be used by fraudsters to steal your identity, duplicate credit cards and make money transfers.

Phishing websites

The fake website usually has a form that asks for personal details which no credible business or organisation would ever ask someone to reveal. IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should you ever enter and submit your details into a form like this. It can lead to your identity being 'stolen' – and can also lead to money being taken from your bank accounts.

When you're on a website that asks for personal or bank details you should always look out for the 'https' at the beginning of a web address or a padlock symbol next to the address bar. This means that you're on a secure website. Most phishing and SMiShing links will start with 'http'.

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