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Steps to unlock Nokia phones.

Need to unlock your Nokia handset and use a different SIM card? Follow these guidelines to input your network unlock code:

If you have a Nokia Lumia Phone follow these instructions.

  1. Insert a non-accepted sim card into your phone and switch it on.
  2. You will be asked to enter your unlock code.
  3. Enter your code and press OK.

Your phone will now be unlocked.

For older Nokia models.

Turn on your phone with no sim card inserted and enter your PIN number if requested.
Key in # PW + unlock code + 7#

To get P press the * key 3 times
To get W press the * key 4 times, and
To get the + press the * button 2 times.

'SIM restriction off' will appear on the display of the phone. Your phone is now no longer assigned to the Vodafone network and you can use it on any other operator you choose. You will need to buy a SIM card for the other network first.

Important: Nokia phones will only allow you to enter either 3 or 5 wrong unlock codes depending on the model. If you enter too many wrong codes your phone will be permanently locked so make sure to follow the steps carefully.

In such an event, you must then send the handset by Registered Post to Vodafone Ireland PLC, Customer and Channel Management, Second floor, Block C, MountainView, Leopardstown, Dublin 18. Please include a cover note with name, address, mobile number and contact number.

Notes on unlocking a Nokia E61& Nokia E61i:
Follow the instructions above, however to obtain the 'p' symbol hold the shift key and press P. The shift key is located on the far left of the bottom row of the keypad, and is marked with an arrow aiming upwards. The 'w' symbol is also obtained this way.

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