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How do I use my phone abroad?

To use your phone abroad, the best starting point is to prepare before you go!

Check if roaming is available in the country you’re visiting

Know the costs

How much you pay depends on the country you’re visiting, and whether you’re on Vodafone Passport

Make sure your phone will work

Roaming is enabled on all phones, so unless you’ve specifically requested roaming to be barred you will be able to roam. Most phones will work just about anywhere, but there are some exceptions.

  • If you’re travelling to Japan, you’ll need a 3G phone
  • In the Caribbean you may need a quadband phone

Be sure your Caller ID is on

Your caller ID must be turned on in order to use your phone abroad.  This will be on unless you have previously changed the setting on your phone.  Be sure to change it back before you travel.

If you’re on Pay as you go, top up your phone

Top up before you travel so you don’t run out of credit when you need it. 

But you can also top up while abroad if you need to.

Remember to bring a charger and travel adaptor

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