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How to set up GPRS on a Sony Ericsson C510 Cybershot

   1. Press Menu> Settings> Connectivity> Internet Settings> Connect Using> Options> Create New.
   2. Set ‘Account Type’ to ‘PS data’.
   3. Set ‘Name’ to “Vodafone live!”.
   4. Set ‘APN’ to “”.
   5. Press "Save".
   6. Scroll to “Vodafone live!“ (i.e. the profile just created).
   7. Press ‘Options’ and then ‘Edit’.
   8. Scroll to ‘Proxy Settings’ and press ‘Edit’
   9. Set ‘Proxy’ to ‘On’.
  10. Set ‘Same for all Servers’ to ‘Off’.
  11. Scroll to ‘Proxy Servers’ and press ‘Edit’.
  12. Select ‘HTTP’.
  13. Set ‘Proxy Address’ to “”.
  14. Set ‘Port’ to “80”.
  15. Press ‘Back’, then the hang up key to return to the Menu screen.
  16. Select ‘Web’.
  17. Press ‘Options’ then ‘Advanced’.
  18. Scroll right to ‘Connectivity’.
  19. Set ‘Connect using’ to “Vodafone live!”.
  20. Scroll to ‘Default Homepage’ and press ‘Select’.
  21. Set ‘Name’ to “Vodafone live!”
  22. Set ‘Address’ to “”.
  23. Press ‘Save’.
  24. Set ‘Allow Local Connection’ to ‘On’.
  25. Press the hang up key to return to the main menu.
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