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How do I bar or unbar calls?

What is call barring?

Call barring lets you control which types of calls your phone will accept, such as:

  • All outgoing calls
  • Outgoing international calls made to numbers outside Ireland
  • All incoming calls when you’re roaming
  • All incoming
  • Incoming calls while roaming

How do I activate/deactivate call barring?

Call barring is activated by a password – this is pre-set to 0000, but you can change it if you wish.

  • To bar outgoing international calls: dial *332* 0000 #
  • To bar all incoming calls when roaming: dial *352* 0000 #
  • To deactivate call barring: dial #330* 0000 #

To change your password

Dial the following codes all in one go - then press send:

  • *03*330*
  • 0000* (or the four digits of your personalised password if you want to change it again)
  • New password *
  • New password #
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