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I am being charged for services I didn't request.

They might be for some old services that were carried over.

When you switch to Vodafone, we automatically transfer all of your existing call management, forwarding, voice mail and other services from your previous provider.

You can decide whether you want to keep these services or have them cancelled.

Basic phone charge

This is a charge that has been passed onto us from Eircom as you are renting a phone from them. On your Eircom bill this charge would have appeared as equipment rental.

We can take this charge off your bill and would advise you to purchase your own phone, as it's expensive to rent one in the long run.

Please contact us and we can remove this charge for you.

Call answering

You may not have explicitly paid for this service before if it was included with your phone package. Since we transfer over all your existing services, this would be included on your Vodafone bill at the standard charge. Learn more about Vodafone At Home charges.

Please contact us if you'd like to cancel this.

Call barring

If Eircom call barring was automatically transferred over to your Vodafone account, then you are charged for this each month. We can remove this Eircom service for you and apply Vodafone call barring, which is free of charge. Learn more about Vodafone At Home charges.

Contact us to make the change.

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