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How do I change from 3G to GPRS and back again?

If your modem is set up to choose the best network option in your area, it could start switching between 3G and GPRS connections when coverage is low, which could cause your connection to drop temporarily.

If you normally use your modem in one place (like at home or at work), you can stabilise your connection by setting the modem to stay on one network type: either 3G Only or GPRS Only, whichever is strongest in your area.

Change your network type

Follow the instructions below for your modem.
Make sure you disconnect from the internet before you change your network type.

On the K4505/K3770/K4511 stick modem

  1. Select Advanced
  2. Select Devices Tab
  3. Highlight your modem. 
  4. Select Bearer
  5. Choose 3G Only or GPRS Only

On the K3765/E169 stick modem

  1. Select Manage Devices
  2. Select Huawei 3G
  3. Select Edit
  4. Select Network Preference
  5. Choose 3G Only or GPRS Only
  6. Click OK
  7. On the Manage Devices menu, click Apply to save your changes
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