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What is Take Your Home Tariff Abroad?

How does take your home tariff abroad work?

With your new RED Business plan you can stay connected to your business at home or abroad. You can use your plan while roaming just like you would at home with access to unlimited calls and texts home and within the country you're visiting plus your home data and international allowance in 32 European destinations.


What makes it different from RED Connect?

Take your home tariff abroad gives you extra data, UK Calls, International minutes, One Net Lite & a choice of business add ons (Secure Net, Mobile Marketing, One Drive for Business)


Is their a fair usage policy?

These plans are designed for business customers that are primarily based in the Republic Of Ireland. A fair usage policy will be applied to the UK and roaming elements whereby: Calls/texts to UK should be limited to 25% of customers overall calls/texts usage. Roaming usage should be limited to 25% of customers of customers overall usage. We will monitor excessive roamers, contact them to explain their usage and reserve the right to suspend or cancel any service deemed to be in excess of this policy.


What happens if you opt out of RED Roaming?

If you opt out of RED Roaming at any stage you forgo your free roaming element. Eg if you are on RED Business Complete and opt out of RED Roaming in the US you must opt back in again if you want to get free RED Roaming in the EU.


What add-ons can you choose?

Secure Net: 12 months free trial included in all new RED Business plans

Vodafone Secure Net is our web security product for mobile smart devices and mobile broadband ensuring your business is ready to be more productive and work more securely. It provides effective, vital protection for your employees against viruses, malware and phishing when they browse the internet via the Vodafone mobile network, using their smart devices.

Free Mobile Marketing campaign: 100 free credits applied to your Vodafone bulk text account each month which lets you:

  • Send one or thousands of text messages at the touch of a button. Quick and easy, it’s one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for businesses to communicate instantly with their customers and staff.
  • Schedule message timings for maximum impact
  • Use Smart Tags to personalise your texts
  • Build Mobile Websites to link in your message and include offers, voucher codes, your company logo or imagery
  • See live responses from your desktop
  • Get improved reporting and analysis to manage results

One Drive for Business: 1TB of Cloud Storage

OneDrive for Business is a place where you can store, sync and share all kind of files with other people and devices on the web. You can create and edit Office documents online, share your files from anywhere and work on these documents with others at the same time.

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