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Understanding data usage on your smartphone

Optimise your data usage

How much data will I use?

The amount of data you use depends on the type of service you’re accessing, and how rich the content is. The table below indicates the amount of data used for common tasks.



 Average data size


1 music track


 Sky Sports Mobile TV

1 Hour


 You Tube

4 mins


 Radio Streaming

10 mins



15 mins with no video streaming 



100 text emails sent/received


 Google Maps

10 mins



1 Hour


*Please note that examples provided should only be used as a rough guide, as data usage volume can vary by device, by type and by quality of content.

Find our more about data usage.

Tips on internet usage from our experts

  1. Register for My Vodafone: Use the My Vodafone app to keep an eye on your data.
  2. Use Wi-Fi: You should turn on Wi-Fi and connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network when available to reduce your mobile data usage and control costs.
  3. Turn Off Data: You can turn off all mobile data in your smartphone settings or you can go in to the individual settings menus on your favourite apps and turn off data.
  4. Check Usage on Phone: You can check your phone usage on your device.
  5. Update Apps via Wi-Fi & Turn Off Background Refresh: It is recommended to only update apps via Wi-Fi and to turn off background refresh for all apps.
  6. Reduce Video Data: Enjoy videos while controlling your data usage by:
    • In YouTube Settings select Play HD on Wi-Fi only or Limit Mobile Data Usage
    • In Facebook Settings select Auto-play and Use Wi-Fi only
    • On Netflix watch feature length movies when on wi-fi only.
  7. Reduce Photo Data:
    • In Facebook Settings turn off auto enhance and auto sync to reduce data usage.
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