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Are there any tips to keep my mobile phone secure?

Follow these simple tips and stay protected against fraud!

Mobile security

With easy access to emails on your smartphone, and things like mobile banking apps, it's more important than ever to know how to keep data on your mobile secure.

  • Set up a password – and keep your phone locked when you're not using it
  • Never store personal details like passwords or PIN numbers in texts or emails
  • If your phone's stolen, tell us straight away – we can blacklist and deactivate it remotely. You should then change any passwords for online accounts you access through your phone as soon as possible (e.g. your online banking password)
  • Never allow application or files to be installed from unknown sources (e.g. for Android apps outside of Android Market)
  • If you go on a mobile website and the URL looks suspicious, close it straight away
  • If you sell your phone or give it away, make sure you complete a factory reset to remove all your personal data from it – you'll find out how in your phone's user guide

Vodafone security

It's really important that you set up a PIN for your voicemail inbox, so only you can access it – and never share it with anyone. If you're going to use your phone abroad you should:

  • Set up a voicemail PIN code before you go
  • If you don't have one set up, the first time you try to access your messages, we'll automatically send one to your mobile

Learn more about keeping your details safe.

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