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Steps to unlock BlackBerry phones.

Want to unlock your BlackBerry phone? Select the guide for your handset below and follow the instructions carefully

If you have a BlackBerry Q10 or Z10

  1. Press the settings button.
  2. Then select "Security and Privacy".
  3. From the "Security and Privacy" screen select "SIM Card".
  4. Then choose "Unlock Network".
  5. On the 'SIM Security' screen, enter your unlock code.

If you have a BlackBerry 9800, 9360, 9810, 9320 or 9900.
Follow these instructions without a SIM card in the phone:

  1. Press the Options button
  2. Select Device
  3. Select Advanced System Settings
  4. Select SIM Card
  5. Type mepd
  6. Press Network
  7. Type mep2
  8. Enter the unlock code
  9. Press enter(centre key)

If you own a BlackBerry 8520, 9720

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Advanced options
  4. Select SIM Card
  5. Type mepd
  6. Type mep2 (When pressing 2 you need to press and hold the alt key)
  7. Enter the unlock code

Your phone is now no longer assigned to the Vodafone network and you can use your handset on any other operator.

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